Building a Robust Repurposing Framework for Retired EV Batteries
Project Description
As the number of retired EV battery is increasing in Hong Kong, large amount of chemical waste is produced and bring huge burden to our landfill system. However, in fact, there is up to 70-80% of initial capacity remaining in the retired EV batteries after being discarded. It is more environmentally and economically friendly to recycle them and re-pack into a new battery pack. This idea not only helps to solve the waste problem in Hong Kong but also provide a new option for the electrical energy storage.
LUO Tom Zhengtang
Course type
Applicant's Roles
In this project, students will be collaborating with CLP group and involved to design and develop a robust framework to repurpose the battery waste efficiently, including the fast cell screening, systematic data clustering with the use of machine learning and battery assembling/disassembling.
Applicant's Learning Objectives
This project will bring you a hands-on research experience and hopefully develop your research interest towards the industrial projects. All students are encouraged and welcomed to join.
Complexity of the project