Control an electric oven with variable temperature profiles
Project Description
To design a control system to control an electric oven with variable temperature profiles. The project requires students to measure and control real time temperatures (data logging) by varying the power input to the oven using a solid state rectifier. Students will develop a control model, such as PID control, using a laptop with Matlab, Labview or C.
HUI Chi Wai
LAM Leung Yuk Frank
Course type
Applicant's Roles
- Experiences in building electric and electronic system, in particular data logging, AD/DA conversion.
- Experiences in Matlab, Labview or C.
- With some (or willing to learn) knowledge of control theory.
Applicant's Learning Objectives
- Integrating electric and electronic hardware and computer programming in a real life application.
- Similar product is not yet available in the market. The development may have potential to be a new commercial product.
Complexity of the project