Machine learning in research
Project Description
This project studies the use of machine learning in research. Machine learning is used to automate and improve decision-making processes. It can analyze large amounts of data and identify patterns and insights that may not be apparent to humans. Machine learning is gaining popularity among researchers. This project will survey relevant literature, synthesize research and suggest best practices for using machine learning in research. The project will cover research in various disciplines, for example, the application of machine learning in social science, engineering and science.
HUANG, Allen
Course type
Applicant's Roles
Conduct a literature review on using machine learning (artificial intelligence) in research in various domains such as social science, engineering and science. Search for relevant research reports and papers in appropriate journals and summarize/synthesize the machine learning algorithms, the data, and the validation methods that these research use. Identify the key advantage of using machine learning over more traditional empirical designs in research.

Applicant's Learning Objectives
Learn and distinguish various machine learning algorithms. Understand the pros and cons of using these algorithms in research. Summarize the best practices for using machine learning in research.
Complexity of the project