2010 Mr Armin and Mrs Lillian Kitchell Undergraduate Research Award - List of Awardees


Name of 

Major Title of Project Faculty 


Rui XU ECOF Forecasting Intraday Volatility and Value-at-Risk with Applications to the Hong Kong Stock Exchange Prof Mike SO 
First Runner- Up Yangyang LIU ELEC Optothermal Manipulation of Microparticles Prof Andrew 
First Runner- Up Yang YANG IELM The Double Effects of Customer Financing on Operations Planning Prof Xiangtong QI 
Second Runner-Up Rui LI BICH Function of Axin in Neuronal Polarization and Migration Prof Nancy IP 
Second Runner-Up Degang WU PHYS Partial Imitation Rule in Iterated Prisoner Dilemma Game Prof Nancy IP 
Second Runner-Up Ho Yee POON CBPE Emerging New Materials "Graphite and Graphene" for Nanoelectronics and Renewable Energy Applications Prof Jang Kyo KIM