The UROP courses fall into two streams – the tasting stream and the series stream – to meet the needs of students with different aspirations and levels of research experience.

Tasting Stream

Students who opt for the tasting stream register for UROP1000 – a 0-credit course offered in the summer session alone. This stream is suitable for students who have never participated in UROP and who would like to have a taste of the research experience. 

Students who complete UROP1000 will receive a pass/fail grade. Those who gain a pass will be nominated for a stipend of HK$6,000 or HK$3,000, if any, at the discretion of their supervising faculty member. UROP1000 can only be taken once in any circumstances.


Series Stream

The series stream is designed for students who are prepared to develop a serious commitment to research on the basis of their initial experience in the tasting stream. The series stream comprises four courses, UROP1100, 2100, 3100 and 4100

These courses must be taken in sequential order and under the supervision of the same faculty member, although it is not necessary for them to be taken in consecutive semesters.


Tasting Stream
Offered in Summer only


Series Stream
Offered throughout the year (Fall, Spring, and Summer)

UROP1100   UROP2100   UROP3100   UROP4100

  • 0-credit
  • 1-credit for completion of each course
  • Pass / Fail grade
  • Pass / Fail grade
  • Stipend (HK$6,000 or HK$3,000 at supervisor’s discretion), if any
  • Receive a Pass grade with the supervisor’s consent to proceed to the next course level
  • Can only be taken once
  • Must be taken in sequential order and under the supervision of the same faculty member
  • UROP1000 is NOT a prerequisite for UROP1100
  • A Certificate of Completion will be awarded to students who have completed UROP2100 or above by the time of their graduation


Please refer to the "For Students" page for more details about the eligibility, application procedures and requirements for completing the UROP courses.