2011 Mr Armin and Mrs Lillian Kitchell Undergraduate Research Award - List of Awardees


Award Name of Awardee Major Title of Project Faculty Supervisor
Champion Yun Kwan CHAN CSE A Convex Formulation of Modularity Maximization for Community Detection Prof Dit-Yan YEUNG (CSE)
First Runner-Up Jeffrey Jenkin KELU BIOL Determining the Localization of Microtubule during the Doming Stage of Zebrafish Development using Immunohistohemistry with the DM1A Anti-a-tubulin Antibody in conjunction with Laser Scanning Confocal Microscopy Prof Andrew MILLER (LIFS)
First Runner-Up Leiting ZHANG CENG Making of Lithium Ion Battery and Test Its Performance Prof Guohua CHEN (CBME)
Second Runner-Up Siu Yeung CHEUNG CEEV Field Study of a Smart Antimicrobial Coating Prof King Lun YEUNG (CBME)
Second Runner-Up Yaxiong CAI MECH Full-field Deformation Measurement of Wave Propagation inside Porous Solids using Digital Image Correlation Method Prof Wenjing YE (MECH)