2013 Mr Armin and Mrs Lillian Kitchell Undergraduate Research Award - List of Awardees

Award Name of 
Major / Year Project Title Faculty 
Champion FUNG Wai Kit Jacky RMBI (Year 3) A Dynamic Copula Model for Time Series (UROP1300) Prof Mike So, ISOM
First Runner-Up TANG King Tsz ACCT (Year 3) Peeking Into Greed: Familiarity, Entitlement and Color (UROP1200) Prof Anirban Mukopadhyay, MARK
First Runner-Up HEIMONEN Hermanni Juuso Elias PHYS & MATH (Year 2) Space Orbit Design (UROP1100) Prof Kwing Lam Chan, MATH
Prof Michael Wong, PHYS
Second Runner-Up XU Zhinan COMP (Year 3) Optimization-based Image Decolorization (UROP1100) Prof Chiew Lan Tai, CSE
Second Runner-Up WEN Xin GCS (Year 1) Literati Painting in the 20th Century (UROP1100) Prof Li-tsui Flora Fu, HUMA
Second Runner-Up XIAO Jinfeng PHYS (Year 2) Application of the Transition Probability Matrix to Colloidal Diffusion in a Periodic Energy Landscape (UROP1200) Prof Penger Tong, PHYS
Finalist LOONG Cheng Ning CIVL (Year 2) Experimental Investigation of the Influence of Grass on Soil Erodibility (UROP1000) Prof Limin Zhang, CIVL
Finalist XU Zhichao MATH (Year 3) Quantum Random Walk and Genetic Algorithm (UROP1200) Prof Kwok Yip Szeto, PHYS
Finalist ZHANG Zhijun COMP (Year 2) RFID Noise Identification Using Classification (UROP1300) Prof Wilfred Ng, CSE