2015 Mr Armin and Mrs Lillian Kitchell Undergraduate Research Award - List of Awardees

Award Name of 
Major / Year Project Title Faculty 
Champion YU Yue PHYS (Year 2) Reducing the Average of Mean First Passage Time with a Single Rewiring (UROP1100) Prof SZETO Kwok Yip, PHYS
First Runner-Up HU Anbang MATH-AM (Year 3) Deep Learning for Integrated Object Detection and Classification (UROP1100) Prof YEUNG Dit-Yan, CSE
First Runner-Up SHU Chi PHYS (Year 3) Narrowband Biphoton Generation, Manipulation, and Measurement (UROP4100) Prof DU Shengwang, PHYS
Second Runner-Up CHU Chun Yiu MARK (Graduated) Searching for Infringements of Digital Content using Search Engines (UROP1100) Prof KWOK James, ISOM
Second Runner-Up KIM Minsam COSC (Year 3) Intelligent Prisoner’s Dilemma Game (UROP4100) Prof SZETO Kwok Yip, PHYS
Second Runner-Up XIE Min COMP (PhD Year 1) Efficient Queries in Databases (UROP2100) Prof WONG Raymond, CSE
Finalist LAW Hei COSC (Year 3) Large Scale Visual Recognition Challenge 2014 (UROP1100) Prof TANG Chi Keung, CSE
Finalist SHU Shi Yuen MAEC (Graduated) Mid-Income Trap, International Trade, & Economic Growth (UROP2100) Prof WANG Yong, ECON
Finalist TANG Ho Yuen CIGBM (Year 3) Statistics on Major Earthquakes around New Taipei City since 1934 and a FOSM Seismic Hazard Analysis (UROP1100) Prof WANG Jui-Pin, CIVL
Finalist WANG Xinyu COMP (MPhil Year 1) Mining Crowdsourced Knowledge on Social Media (UROP 2100) Prof NG Wilfred, CSE