2016 Mr Armin and Mrs Lillian Kitchell Undergraduate Research Award - List of Awardees

Award Name of 
Major / Year Project Title Faculty 
Champion ZEIGHAMI Sepanta COMP Year 2 Minimizing Average Regret Ratio for a Database Prof WONG Raymond C W, CSE
First Runner-Up CHAN Yeuk Yin CPGBM Year 4 FinaVistory: Using Narrative Visualization to Explain Social and Economic Relationships in Financial News Prof QU Huamin, CSE
First Runner-Up HERMANEK Stefan Johannes GBUS Graduated Opinion Mining Framework for Facebook: An Exploratory Study Prof KWOK James S H, ISOM
Prof TAM Kar Yan, ISOM
Second Runner-Up AW Jacqueline Theeng Mei BCB Year 3 Visualization of STIM1 Dynamics within the Cleavage Furrow during Cytokinesis of Early Zebrafish Embryos Dr HO Sarah E, LIFS
Prof MILLER Andrew L, LIFS
Second Runner-Up KAN Chen ECOF Year 4 Firms in Globalization: Evidence from China – Labor Skill Transition in the Service Sector Prof LI Yao Amber, ECON
Second Runner-Up PURI Abishek MAEC Year 3 Developing a Visual Analytical System for Movement Data Prof QU Huamin, CSE
Finalist BU Qi PHYS Year 4 Topology and Reliability of Network Prof SZETO Kwok Yip, PHYS
Finalist CHAN Chi Hin CHEM Year 4 Simple and Sensitive Analytical Methods for Food Safety Training Prof CHAN Wan, CHEM
Finalist LAU Sze Cheung PHYS Year 3 Light Sheet Microscope Prof DU Shengwang, PHYS
Prof LOY Michael, PHYS
Finalist LIU Wen CBME Year 3 Advanced Catalysts for Water Splitting and Hydrogen Production Prof SHAO Minhua, CBME
Finalist SHANG Xingbo CHEM Year 2 Sensitivity Enhanced Thin Layer Chromatography Fluorescence Method for Screening for Aristolochic Acid in Herbal Medicine Prof CHAN Wan, CHEM