2017 Mr Armin and Mrs Lillian Kitchell Undergraduate Research Award - List of Awardees

Award Name of 
Major / Year Project Title Faculty 
Champion GUO Wenshuo PHYS & COSC / Year 3 Minimization of Systemic Risk for Directed Network Using Genetic Algorithm SZETO Kwok Yip / PHYS
First Runner-Up CHOW Tsz Kiu Aaron MATH / Year 3 Self-Expanders To Inverse Curvature Flows By Homogeneous Functions FONG Frederick / MATH
First Runner-Up DING Mucong PHYS & COSC / Year 2 Selection of Random Walkers that Optimizes the Global Mean First Passage Time for Search in Complex Networks SZETO Kwok Yip / PHYS
Second Runner-Up CHEUNG Yuen Man Kathy BCB / Year 2 Animal Cell Engineering: A Living Test Tube for Microtubule Cytoskeletal Research QI Robert Zhong / LIFS
Second Runner-Up REN Da Wei David PHYS / Year 3 Low-cost multispectral imaging for remote sensing of lettuce health LI Larry / MAE
Second Runner-Up SULAIMAN Jordy Evan CBME / Year 4 Morphology Controlled Pt-Ni Alloys as Electrocatalyst for Direct Ethanol Fuel Cells SHAO Minhua / CBME
Best Poster Award PANG Yu Hin BCB / Year 4 Biochemical Characterization of Histone Variants and Post-translationally Modified Nucleosomes ISHIBASHI Toyotaka / LIFS