Applying block-chain to track embedded carbon in the supply chain
Project Description
It is generally agreed that the difficulty in tracking of embedded carbon in the supply chain is one of the major obstacle for putting a price on carbon, and to mitigate for climate change. To help resolve this problem, it was recently discussed to apply block-chain technology to track the embedded carbon. In this project, we shall first do literature review on the subject, learn about block chain and life-cycle carbon audit, then select a product (or a line of products) and discuss conceptually if and how block chain can be used to track the embedded carbon of product through its production and distribution process.
LAU Alexis Kai Hon
CHAN Jimmy Wai Man
Course type
Applicant's Roles
Student may be passionate about the environment, being able to work with data (good data management skill), and ready to do both literature review, and practical programming. He/she must be interested in learning about the basics of life-cycle carbon audit, block-chain and accounting. At the end, he/she shall propose novel ways to combine these skills to conceptual a framework to track embedded carbon of a product as it moves along its supply chain.
Applicant's Learning Objectives
After this project, student should be able to learn the basics of various skills (life-cycle analysis, block-chain), and be able to conceptualize a framework to track embedded carbon of products along its supply chain.
Complexity of the project