A bifunctional reactor design for biological and chemical oxidation processes of the greywater remediation
Project Description
This project aims to build a bifunctional reactor, which is able to undergo both biological and chemical oxidation processes, for greywater remediation. Different kinds of the bacteria, as well as the conditions of the ozone will be implemented in this study to evaluate the performance on the greywater remediation. In addition, various system parameters will be attempted and optimized. The prototype of the unit will be developed and implemented.
LAM Leung Yuk Frank
HU Xijun
Course type
Applicant's Roles
Students will do research on the characterization of the greywater properties, drinkable water standards, multiple water purification methods, required chemicals/materials and their prices, to design an optimum water purification system. A prototype will be developed to demonstrate its feasibility.
Applicant's Learning Objectives
The student will be able to learn the experimental techniques in conducting the greywater remediation by using various types of the bacteria, as well as the use of ozone. He/She will be responsible in the designing of the bifunctional reactor system. In addition, the students is able to develop their confidence through running the experiment and build up the self esteem.
Complexity of the project