Climate Change Impact Analysis for Hong Kong and nearby regions
Project Description
Climate change is impacting us in many different ways. Some, like increasing temperature, hot nights, and heavier rainfall, are well-known, and we can get ourselves prepared better for them. However, because modern cities like Hong Kong are intricately connected, there are many nonlinear links between different parts of society, and climate change's impact on one area may trigger unforeseen changes in another area. In this project, we shall try to find out more about these potentially significant, but less predictable climate change impacts.

In particular, we shall use machine learning to analyze historical news and research databases to identify examples of nonlinear climate change (CC) impacts. We shall use natural language processing to identify and categorize CC risks into a Climate Adaptation and REsilience (CARE) database and develop risk estimates for different physical, social/economic, political changes that may enhance or reduce the exposure or vulnerability to the identified impact examples.
LAU Alexis Kai Hon
CHAN Jimmy Wai Man
Course type
Applicant's Roles
Expected role - conduct ML analysis on news articles to categories different types of climate change impacts, and develop risk estimates for future Climate Change scenarios.

Required skill - good computer science training, and interests in environmental issues.
Applicant's Learning Objectives
Applicants will be able to use Machine Learning techniques to help identify unforeseen climate change risk factors, and also estimate their potential impacts on Hong Kong.
Complexity of the project