Developing a low-cost automatic monitoring and recording system for aquaponic farms
Project Description
Aquaponic farm is an innovative approach to yielding fishes & vegetables with the least consumption of resources. It collects the waste of fish, treats them with bacteria, converts the waste of fish to the nutrient of vegetables, and at the same time, produce clean water for fish. The involvement of multiple components also builds up the complexity of the system. It thus requires well-trained operators to run the system successfully, which increase the operational cost. In this project, students will develop a low-cost automatic system to monitor and record water qualities for aquaponic farm.
Course type
Applicant's Roles
Applicants will design a low-cost arduino system to monitor and record nitrate, ammonia, pH, dissolved oxygen and conductivity levels in water.
Applicant's Learning Objectives
Students will learn the principles of an aquaponic system and key water quality parameters related to the successful operation of an aquaponic farm.
Complexity of the project