Digitalization of wet lab project
Project Description
1. Our HKUST has hundreds of wet labs and more than 3000 papers published in 2020. Behind this glorious achievement were thousands of tedious, labor-intensive, and low-value repeatable processes performed days and nights. Besides, more than 10,000 liters of liquid and tons of solid waste and expired chemicals on our campus every year, which a large portion of them can be internally shared and reused!
2. To solve these pain points, The WeShare X-Tray team aims to build an ecosystem that combines IoT, AI, and Blockchain technologies, to replace the low-efficiency manual work with automatic track the chemicals and manage the chemical smartly and sustainably. Therefore, the chemical usage can be optimized, and productivity in the lab can be wisely facilitated.
YANG Jinglei
Course type
Applicant's Roles
1. Successful candidates will work with the PG students/staff on the following tasks:
- Web front-end development for a stock management/lab notes system.
- Web back-end development for a stock management/lab notes system.
- PCB design of the integrated sensor system.
- Framework design and testing of the assembled prototype.
2. The students are expected to have basic software coding capabilities (Python/C++/Javascript/Flask/Node.js/Vue/MongoDB) and/or mechanical/electronic design-related skills (Solidworks/AutoCAD/AltiumDesigner/Keil/Arduino/Raspberry). It is preferable if the students are eager to learn new things and collaborate in a cross-disciplinary team.
Applicant's Learning Objectives
1. Through this SSC related project, students will learn:
- how to identify the problem and brain-storm with the cross-disciplinary team;
- how to establish the front-end website and back-end database through project-based experiential learning;
- how to demonstrate the learned hardware design knowledge/skill to our university as a living lab;
- how to educate the public that niche innovation can give us a sustainable campus.
2. A reference letter/certificate will be issued upon successful completion of the UROP. The excellent students will be nominated with UROP awards.
Complexity of the project