Pulse of HKUST 2.0
Project Description
Pulse of HKUST is one of the HKUST Sustainable Smart Campus as a Living Lab initiatives. It is an online visualization platform which promotes a data-driven smart campus by providing real time crowd information in the campus. It collects raw data about crowd distribution
and movement from Wi-Fi data and CCTV videos, processes the raw data into purposeful information using big data analytic and machine learning framework, and displays the information using various interactive visualizations. Connected through Pulse of HKUST,
university members or visitors would be able to observe crowd status at university facilities such as canteens and libraries, and access information about transportation such as expected waiting time at bus stations.

However, the current development is limited in display space. Specifically, the data is available at a specific location. Thus, the usability is greatly restricted. As a result, the Pulse team is going to investigate information display beyond large screen to augmented
reality and mobile devices.

This project is open for active and motivated UROP students who are interested in learning data mining and visualization techniques and hand-on experience in developing real-life applications in mobile and augmented reality devices.
QU, Huamin
Course type
Applicant's Roles
You are expected to work on some research issues from this project.

1. Do a survey on similar projects in the world

2. Assist in developing data mining and visualization approaches to analyze real-time campus big data;

3. Assist in developing real-life mobile and augmented reality applications
Applicant's Learning Objectives
1. Hand-on experience in applying techniques to solve real-world problems;
2. Hand-on experience in system developments and managements;
3. Improve critical and creative thinking;
4. May contribute to a research paper.
Complexity of the project