Rational design of wearable device for stress assessment via perspiration analysis
Project Description
Stress, also known as a silent killer, has high prevalence in HK. Current approaches for stress assessment are rather subjective. The project aims to develop a stress quantification approach to aid mental well-being via the development of non-invasive wearable sensor. In this project, students will explore strategies for non-invasive sweat collection for stress monitoring and design experimental procedures for stress assessment.

NYEIN, Hnin Yin Yin
HSING, I-ming
Course type
Applicant's Roles
Student will conduct the followings:
1) Develop a strategy and a device to collect small volume of thermoregulated sweat on finger.
2) Investigate current clinically established and promising research strategies and devise a research protocol for stress analyses.

Applicant's Learning Objectives
By the end of the UROP project, the student will
1) be able to utilize fluid mechanics in designing microfluidics for small fluid collection.
2) know strategies for stress assessment and design a research protocol.

Complexity of the project