2016-17 UROP Faculty Support Grant Summary

2016-17 Spring

School Department Supervisor Project
SBM ACCT CHEN Szu Fan Web Crawling and Business Information Analysis
SBM ECON LI Yao Firms in Globalization: Evidence from China
SBM FINA GOYAL Vidhan K Global Liquidity and Foreign Currency Debt Issuances by Asian Firms
SENG CBME LAM Leung Yuk Frank Extraction of Stevia Glycosides as Food Additives Production
SENG CSE HUI Pan Algorithms and Games in Android Devices
SENG CSE HUI Pan Machine Learning on Wearable Devices
SENG MAE CHAO Christopher Feasibility Study of Oil-free Type Chillers for Hong Kong Buildings
SENG MAE CHAO Christopher Study of Nanofluid Heat Transfer
SENG MAE LEE Yi-Kuen Low-cost Wireless Arduino-based Micro Energy Sensor for Smart Energy-Efficient Buildings in the Era of Internet of Things
SENG MAE LI Larry Development of an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) for Agricultural Spraying and Monitoring
SENG MAE QIU Huihe Biomimetic Design of Flexible Flapping Wings for Micro Air Vehicles
SHSS HUMA CHEUNG Siu Woo Community Heritage and Hakka Food Tradition in Yimtintsai Village, Saikung
SSCI CHEM SUN Jianwei Development of Asymmetric Reactions
SSCI CHEM TONG Rongbiao Making Valuable Organic Molecules with Green Chemistry
SSCI LIFS HERRUP Karl Control of Cell Number in the Brain
SSCI LIFS LI Ning Proteomics Approach to Decipher Gravity Signaling in a Flowering Model Plant
SSCI LIFS MILLER Andrew L An Exploration of Nuclear Dynamics in Cells and Syncytia of Developing Zebrafish Embryos
SSCI LIFS PARK Hyokeun Building Magnetic Tweezers
SSCI LIFS PARK Hyokeun Exocytosis and Transport of Vesicles in Huntington's Disease Mouse Model
SSCI LIFS POON Randy Mitotic Regulators as Targets for Anticancer Therapies
SSCI LIFS ISHIBASHI Toyotaka Biochemical Characterization of Histone Variants and Post-translationally Modified Nucleosomes
SSCI LIFS WEN Zilong Study of Blood Cell Development using Zebrafish Model
SSCI PHYS HAN Yilong Activated Motions of Ants on a Hot Plate and/or Granular Particles on a Vibrational Stage
SSCI PHYS WANG Ning Quantum Oscillations in Low Dimensional System

2016-17 Summer

School Department Supervisor Project
SENG CBME LAM Henry Hei Ning Investigation of Bacterial Antibiotic Persistence by Proteomics
SENG CBME SHAO Minhua Advanced Catalysts for Water Splitting and Hydrogen Production
SENG CBME YEUNG King Lun Air Quality Survey at Various Sites in Hong Kong
SENG CBME YEUNG King Lun New Technologies against Malodors
SENG CIVL ZHAO Jidong Computer Visualisation of Sand Grains
SENG CSE CHAN Gary Shueng Han Indoor Localization and Mobile Computing
SENG CSE CHAN Gary Shueng Han Wi-Fi Tracking and User Analytics
SENG CSE KIM Sung Hun Learning Code Suggestion with Deep Neural Network
SENG ECE SONG Shenghui Indoor Autonomous Driving Robots
SENG MAE LI Larry Development of a 3D Printing Pen for Producing Metallic Objects
SENG MAE LI Larry Forced Synchronization of a Capillary Jet for 3D Printing Optimization
SHSS SOSC CHEN Eva E Examining the Impact of Technology on Parenting and Children's Language Development
SSCI CHEM TANG Benzhong Development of Fluorescent Bioprobes with Aggregation-induced Emission Characteristic
SSCI LIFS ISHIBASHI Toyotaka Understanding the Key Elements of Nucleosome/Chromatin Dynamics
SSCI LIFS LIU Hongbin Water Quality Survey for Hong Kong's Marine Fish Farming Zone
SSCI LIFS MAK Ho Yi The Rules of Packaging Fat in Cells
SSCI LIFS PARK Hyo Keun Real-time Imaging of Single Motor Proteins
SSCI LIFS POON Randy Yat Choi Targeting Mitotic Regulators in Cancer Cells for Potential Treatment
SSCI LIFS QI Robert Zhong Investigating Microtubule Regulation during Cell Proliferation, Migration and Morphogenesis
SSCI LIFS WANG Jiguang Computational Study of Long Noncoding RNAs in Cancer
SSCI LIFS WEN Zilong Dissecting the Function of the Two Zebrafish Csf1r Paralogues and Their Ligands
SSCI LIFS XUE Hong Human Complex Disease Genomics and Bioinformatics
SSCI LIFS XUE Hong Receptor Based Drug Development from Chinese Herbal Medicine
SSCI PHYS JO Gyu Boong Building an Apparatus Cooling and Trapping Erbrium Quantum Gas
SSCI PHYS TAM Wing Yim Negative Refractive Index Meta-materials
SSCI PHYS WONG Kam Sing Develop 2D luminescence Imaging system
SSCI PHYS WONG Kam Sing Exciton Dynamics in Organic/Inorganic Solar Cells
SSCI PHYS YANG Zhi Yu Elastic Wave Metamaterials
SSCI PHYS WANG Ning Quantum Oscillations in Low Dimensional System