2018-19 UROP Faculty Support Grant Summary

2018-19 Fall

School Department Supervisor Project
SBM FINA LI Kai An Empirical Study of Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs): Experience from United States, Hong Kong and Singapore
SENG CSE CHAN Shueng Han Gary Video Analytics and RF People Sensing for Smart City and New Retail
SENG ECE LIU Ming A Robot Tour Guide
SENG ECE SHEN Shaojie Robust Monocular Visual-inertial Localization and Mapping
SENG MAE CHEN Sherry Design of Energy Conversion Device from Heat to Electricity
SENG MAE LI Larry Helical Modes in a Hydrodynamically Self-excited Jet
SENG MAE LIEM Rhea Patricia Designing Novel Efficient and Quiet Amphibious Aircraft for General Aviation
SSCI CHEM HUANG Jinqing Construction and Application of Surface Enhanced Raman Spectrometer in Biomolecules Characterization
SSCI ENVR FUNG Jimmy C H Use Kolmogorov–Zurbenko Filter to Detrend the Air Quality Data
SSCI LIFS QI Robert Zhong Investigating Microtubule Regulation during Cell Proliferation, Migration and Morphogenesis
SSCI PHYS DU Shengwang Optical Microscopy
SSCI PHYS TSUI Ophelia K. C. Controlling Confinement Effect of Polymer Dynamics
SSCI PHYS WANG Ning Atomically Tin Layered Semiconductors and Their Spin-valley Property
SSCI PHYS WONG Kam Sing Charge Generation and Carrier Diffusion in Organic Solar Cells

2018-19 Spring

School Department Supervisor Project
IPO ENVR Fung Jimmy Chi Hung Retrival of Aerosol optical depth using machine learning algorithm
SBM MGMT ONG Madeline Understanding Human Behaviour in the Workplace
SENG CBE LAM Frank Leung-Yuk Biofuels and derived products from spent coffee and tea ground
SENG CIVL CHAN Shu Ning Air-water flows in urban drainage systems
SENG CSE HUI Pan Machine Learning on Wearable Devices
SENG CSE WANG Wei Towards Load-Balanced Cluster Cashing for Big Data Analytics
SENG MAE CHEN Xian Design of energy conversion device from heat to electricity
SENG MAE LAM David Cheun Chun EV Built
SENG MAE CIUCCI Francesco Polymer Composite Batteries
SHSS SOSC KELLER Franziska Barbara Changing Alliance in Trump's White House : Networks and Elite Politics
SSCI LIFS POON Randy Yat Choi CRISPR/Cas9 analysis of essential gene

2018-19 Summer

School Department Supervisor Project
SENG CSE CHEUNG Shing Chi Detecting Deep Learning Software Defects
SSCI CHEM SUN Jianwei Organocataytic Synthesis of Useful Organic Molecules
SSCI LIFS POON Randy Yat Choi Characterization of Novel Cell Cycle Regulators in Cancer Cells
SSCI PHYS WANG Ning Exciton Condensation in Bilayer Semiconductor Systems
SSCI PHYS WONG Kam Sing Real Time Monitoring of Temperature Dependent Hydrophobic Interaction in Aggregation Enhanced Emission Molecules