2023-24 UROP Support Grant Summary

2023-24 Fall

School Department Supervisor Project
AIS ENVR YU Jianzhen Quantifying Molecular Tracers in Atmospheric Aerosols And Source Analysis
SENG CIVL QIU Jishen A cement-free novel concrete that absorbs greenhouse gas CO2 to heal itself and improve its mechanical performance.
SENG CSE CHAN Gary Shueng Han

Video Analytics and IoT People/Asset Sensing for Smart City Applications

SENG CSE CHEN Hao Deep learning for medical image analysis
SENG CSE CHENG Minhao Trustworthy Machine Learning
SENG CSE WONG Raymond Chi Wing Efficient Queries over Database
SENG ECE SHEN Yajing Development of bioinspired tactile sensor
SENG ECE ZHANG Yihan Open-Source Digital Integrated Circuit Design and Tapeout
SENG MAE DUAN Molong Additive manufacturing of continuous carbon fiber
SHSS SOSC CHENG Chen The Development of Information Updating in Working Memory
SHSS SOSC HENDRY David James Political Psychology, Eye Tracking, and Human Decision Making
SSCI CHEM HALPERT Jonathan Eugene Lead-free perovskite nanocrystals for photo-induced water splitting
SSCI CHEM QUAN Yangjian Borane Functionalization via Boryl Radical
SSCI CHEM QUAN Yangjian Design, Synthesis, and Applications of New Metal-Organic Frameworks
SSCI CHEM TONG Rongbiao Green Chemistry in Organic Synthesis
SSCI LIFS BANFIELD David Karl Using nanobodies as tools to study Golgi membrane retention
SSCI LIFS DANG Shangyu Cryo-EM Study of Membrane Proteins
SSCI LIFS ISHIBASHI Toyotaka Understanding the key elements of nucleosome/chromatin dynamics
SSCI LIFS PARK Hyo Keun Clearing nanoplastic pollutants in lung cells using traditional Chinese medicine
SSCI LIFS WANG Lan Mechanistic investigation of mitochondrial quality control
SSCI MATH CHEN Kani Applications of Large Language Models in Special Sectors
SSCI MATH FUNG Jimmy Chi Hung A Machine Learning Approach to study the relationship between urban morphology and urban heat island
SSCI OCES WU Longjun Exploring the mechanisms of the reverse development of immortal jellyfish Turritopsis