UROP Project Listing



Department Supervisor Project Title Opening Period
ACCT CHO, Tony Machine Learning in Accounting 2023-24 Spring - Ongoing
ACCT DONG, Qingkai US local governments mandatory and voluntary financial reporting 2023-24 Fall - Ongoing
ACCT HUANG, Allen Cryptocurrency, Blockchain and their Governance Implications 2022-23 Spring - Ongoing
ACCT Wilbur Chan The Disclosure of Conference Call Information on Corporate Websites 2023-24 Spring - 2023-24 Summer
ECON AU, Pak Hung Search Obfuscation and Position Auction on Online Platforms 2023-24 Fall - 2023-24 Spring
ECON LI Yao Firms in Globalization: Evidence from China 2014-15 Fall - 2023-24 Spring
ECON LIN Yatang The local impacts of BRI projects 2020-21 Spring - Ongoing
ECON LU, Yang Market Expectations and RMB Exchange Rate Policies 2022-23 Summer - 2024-25 Summer
ECON LU, Yang Understanding and De-biasing User Media Consumption 2022-23 Summer - Ongoing
FINA BISETTI, Emilio Dissecting ESG shocks 2023-24 Spring - 2023-24 Spring
FINA BISETTI, Emilio Measuring product market competition 2021-22 Summer - 2024-25 Summer
FINA MACKAY Peter Risk-Management Duel: Financial vs Operational Risk Management 2019-20 Summer - 2023-24 Spring
FINA NOH, Don Applications of Machine Learning to Financial Data 2023-24 Summer - 2023-24 Summer
FINA YEGEN, Eyueb Enes How do Personal Incentives of Mutual Fund Managers impact ESG investments? 2022-23 Fall - Ongoing
FINA YEGEN, Eyueb Enes Institutional Investors and Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) Preferences 2021-22 Fall - Ongoing
FINA YEGEN, Eyueb Enes The role of institutional investors in ESG outcomes 2022-23 Summer - Ongoing
FINA ZALDOKAS Alminas Products, supply chains, and finance 2019-20 Summer - 2023-24 Summer
FINA ZHANG, Chu Hong Kong IPO Market 2019-20 Summer - 2023-24 Spring
ISOM KWON Ohchan A Study on Amazon Aggregators 2021-22 Spring - Ongoing
ISOM KWON Ohchan Who Becomes Venture Capitalists? 2020-21 Spring - Ongoing
ISOM KWON Ohchan Who to Blame the Ricky Gig Economy: Jockey vs. Horse? 2021-22 Spring - Ongoing
ISOM LEE, Dongwon Digital Leadership and Digital Transformation 2021-22 Spring - 2024-25 Spring
ISOM LEE, Dongwon On Identifying Web3 Business Opportunities and Challenges 2021-22 Spring - 2024-25 Spring
ISOM YANG Yi Deep Learning NLP in finance 2018-19 Summer - Ongoing
MARK HELSEN Kristiaan E-commerce and the COVID-19 epidemic 2019-20 Summer - Ongoing
MARK HELSEN Kristiaan Luxury Marketing in Emerging Markets 2013-14 Summer - Ongoing
MGMT BITTERLY, Thomas Bradford Perceptions of AI in Organizations 2022-23 Summer - Ongoing
MGMT HAGMANN, David Judgment and Decision Making in Organizations 2022-23 Fall - Ongoing
MGMT HAGMANN, David Judgment and Decision Making in Policy 2022-23 Summer - Ongoing