UROP Project Listing



Department Supervisor Project Title Opening Period
CBE GAO Hanyu Active learning for the design of polymerization reactions 2021-22 Spring - Ongoing
CBE GAO Hanyu Generation of adversarial chemical reactions 2021-22 Summer - Ongoing
CBE GAO Hanyu Incorporating process chemistry consideration into synthesis planning 2021-22 Spring - Ongoing
CBE GAO Hanyu Machine-leaning assisted optimization of pressure swing adsorption processes 2021-22 Spring - Ongoing
CBE GAO Hanyu Prediction of molecular and reaction properties 2021-22 Summer - Ongoing
CBE HSING, I-ming Skin-adherent Bioelectronic ECG Patch for Ambulatory Care 2022-23 Summer - Ongoing
CBE HU Xijun BiOBr-based Metallic Photocatalysts for Mechanistic Study of the Antibiotics Degradation 2018-19 Fall - Ongoing
CBE HU Xijun Designing of the Chemical Process for Polyethylene Furanoate-based Materials 2018-19 Summer - Ongoing
CBE HUI Chi Wai Control an electric oven with variable temperature profiles 2018-19 Summer - Ongoing
CBE KUANG Becki Yi Engineering of next generation mRNA vaccine construct 2023-24 Fall - 2026-27 Fall
CBE LAI, Yong Design and construction of genetic landing pad in probiotic bacteria 2022-23 Summer - Ongoing
CBE LAKERVELD, Richard Predicting the drug release of supersaturating drug delivery systems 2023-24 Spring - Ongoing
CBE LAM Leung Yuk Frank A bifunctional reactor design for biological and chemical oxidation processes of the greywater remediation 2018-19 Summer - 2024-25 Spring
CBE LAM, Hei Ning Food quality assessment by GC-MS and LC-MS 2018-19 Fall - Ongoing
CBE LAM, Hei Ning Improving data analysis methods for shotgun proteomics 2011-12 Summer - 2026-27 Summer
CBE LAM, Hei Ning Investigation of bacterial antibiotic persistence by proteomics 2016-17 Summer - Ongoing
CBE LIU Yuanshuai Design and Development of functional food 2021-22 Summer - Ongoing
CBE LIU Yuanshuai Optimization of illumination and nutrients for hydroponics system 2022-23 Summer - Ongoing
CBE LUO, Tom Zhengtang Blood Purification Devices 2017-18 Summer - 2025-26 Fall
CBE LUO, Tom Zhengtang Fast-Acting Liquid Adhesives for Closing Wounds 2022-23 Summer - 2024-25 Summer
CBE LUO, Tom Zhengtang Intelligent robotic system to scan and analysis human hair loss 2022-23 Summer - 2025-26 Summer
CBE NYEIN, Hnin Yin Yin Rational design of wearable device for stress assessment via perspiration analysis 2022-23 Summer - Ongoing
CBE SEMMELHACK, Julia Lee Neural circuits for visual behaviors 2021-22 Summer - Ongoing
CBE SEMMELHACK, Julia Lee Neural circuits for visual behaviors in zebrafish 2021-22 Summer - Ongoing
CBE SHAO, Minhua Anode materials for lithium ion batteries 2016-17 Spring - Ongoing
CBE SHAO, Minhua Organic molecules for hydrogen storage 2021-22 Summer - Ongoing
CBE SUN Fei Developing genetically encoded molecular tools for controlled intracellular phase separation 2018-19 Summer - Ongoing
CBE SUN Fei Reusable protein-based materials for uranium extraction from the ocean 2017-18 Spring - Ongoing
CBE WONG Tsz Wai Analyzing the possible water-soluble proteins for deep-tissue and cancer-targeting in vivo imaging using a photoacoustic imaging system 2020-21 Spring - Ongoing
CBE YEUNG King Lun Microbial Disinfection Technologies in Hospital Setting 2015-16 Summer - Ongoing
CBE YEUNG King Lun New technologies against malodors 2013-14 Summer - Ongoing
CBE YEUNG King Lun Pulsed-Electric Field Device for Point-of-Use Water Disinfection 2013-14 Summer - Ongoing
CBE ZHU, Guang AI drug screening and design by target disease related proteins and nuclei acids 2023-24 Spring - 2023-24 Summer
CIVL CHENG Jack Chin Pang Leveraging Artificial Intelligence to Assist Human in Monitoring Construction Site Safety 2021-22 Spring - Ongoing
CIVL DIMITRAKOPOULOS Ilias Biomimicry: Structural Design lessons from Trees 2020-21 Spring - 2023-24 Summer
CIVL LEE Joseph Hun-wei Field measurements of pressure surges in water supply pipeline systems for leakage detection 2017-18 Fall - Ongoing
CIVL LEE Joseph Hun-wei Lead contamination and transport in drinking water supply systems in high rise buildings 2017-18 Fall - Ongoing
CIVL LING Li Developing a low-cost automatic monitoring and recording system for aquaponic farms 2019-20 Fall - Ongoing
CIVL QIU Jishen A cement-free novel concrete that absorbs greenhouse gas CO2 to heal itself and improve its mechanical performance. 2019-20 Spring - Ongoing
CIVL QIU Jishen Recyclable hydrogel-based brick for construction on Mars: a feasibility study 2019-20 Spring - Ongoing
CIVL WANG Yu-Hsing Human-Robot-AI Symbiotic Mobile Mapping Solution for Fast and Regular Examination of Civil and Environmental Engineering Infrastructures 2021-22 Spring - 2024-25 Fall
CIVL WANG Yu-Hsing You will see a Hoopoe 2019-20 Summer - 2023-24 Summer
CIVL YANG Jiachuan Optimized design of urban neighborhoods for environmental sustainability: the effectiveness of different strategies 2020-21 Summer - Ongoing
CIVL YANG Jiachuan Population exposure to hazardous weather under climate change 2020-21 Spring - Ongoing
CIVL ZHANG Shenghan Distributed Fiber Optic Strain Sensing for Civil Infrastructure Monitoring 2021-22 Spring - Ongoing
CIVL ZHANG Shenghan On-site monitoring of structural dynamic behavior with accelerometers and Raspberry Pi 2021-22 Spring - Ongoing
CIVL ZHANG Xueqing Project Financing Strategies for Major Infrastructure Projects 2022-23 Summer - Ongoing
CIVL ZHANG, Jize Exploring the potential and limitations of Artificial Intelligence based Structural Health Inspections 2022-23 Spring - 2026-27 Spring
CIVL ZHAO Jidong Determination of Permeability in Porous Media 2014-15 Spring - Ongoing
CIVL ZHAO Jidong Powder-based Selective Laser melting technology for 3D printing 2020-21 Fall - Ongoing